Yukon Re-Opening Plan Announced

Source: Office of the Chief Medical Officer of HealthGovernment of Yukon

Today the Government of Yukon announced the release of A Path Forward: Yukon’s plan for lifting COVID-19 restrictions, a 52-page document that outlines the principles, public health criteria and indicators that will inform government decisions on readiness for the gradual lifting (or re-introduction) of public health measures.

Premier Sandy Silver, accompanied by Dr. Brendan Hanley, released the plan with cautious optimism but insist that there is still a long journey ahead that requires every Yukon to remain diligent.

Yukon officials are advising that because the COVID-19 pandemic is still evolving and because so many of the actions Yukon takes will be informed by COVID-19 conditions in other provinces, territories and neighbouring jurisdictions, the new plan will be a living document, and should be treated as more of a first step, not a final one.

“Our aim is to continue preventing the introduction and spread of COVID-19 while balancing and addressing the many unintended social, economic and health consequences of existing restrictions,” reads the webpage where you can download the plan.